Frequently Asked Questions

Myths & Rumours

“Hospice Care” means different things to different people. Let us dispel the myths and rumours.

1. You can only come to The Friends' Hospice if you have cancer.

Although many of our patients suffer from cancer, we also care for those with other forms of life-limiting illness for which a cure is no longer possible. Some of the other ailments are neurological diseases, end-stage heart or lung disease or kidney failure. Our medical team have a wide variety of experience and skills to deal with diverse illnesses.

2. You only come to The Friends' Hospice to die.

Terminal or end-of-life care is only a small part of the work that we do. Indeed, 70% of our patients return home after a period of treatment. Many come to have their symptoms controlled and then resume their normal life. Others come to give their carers a rest under the terms of our Respite Agreements. In all cases, our care extends to the families of the patients and we can help to address their psychological and emotional needs whilst they are relieved of the burden of 24-hour care. Of course, some patients may choose to return to The Friends’ Hospice for their final days because they are familiar with the staff and our care. This can be a great comfort to both the patients and families. Our bereavement care is offered as long as is necessary.

3. The Friends' Hospice must be a really sad place.

In fact, our rooms are furnished to make them more like bedrooms than those normally associated with hospitals; coloured sheets and quilts and pleasant wall pictures lend themselves to this atmosphere and we encourage patients to bring in their own special things to make them feel more “at home”. Our nurses, volunteers, cleaners and kitchen staff have ready smiles for patients and visitors alike. We celebrate all sorts of anniversaries, from birthdays to weddings, when we always have fun and laughter.

4. The Friends' Hospice is only for "English" patients.

We offer our services to everyone in need of them, regardless of nationality, religion or ability to pay. Our patients are multi-national as is our staff. The Hospice is open to people of any nationality. Amongst the languages spoken by our staff are Greek, English, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, German and French. About half of our patients are Cypriot and the rest are of various other nationalities.

5. The Friends' Hospice is the same as a nursing home.

Hospice Care is delivered by specially-trained doctors and nurses to improve the quality of life for patients. It is intended as a short-term facility and not for long-term, general nursing care.

6. You can only come to The Friends' Hospice if you are Christian.

The Friends’ Hospice provides care for anyone with a life-limiting illness regardless of religion, nationality or ability to pay. We offer spiritual care to our patients if they wish. We have a multi-faith room, The Sanctuary, where patients and family can have time for reflection and peace.

7. You must pay to come to The Friends' Hospice.

No charge is made to patients or families for the care and services provided at The Friends’ Hospice. The Hospice is funded almost entirely by charitable donations from individuals and other charitable organisations as well as by our own fund-raising efforts in the local community.

Please help us to help others with donating anything you can.